Stuff We Love to Love: Dutch Men

They are tall, they are blonde, they have blue eyes (Hello Rygos lookalikes!!!). They have unbelievably sexy accents when they speak English and they have a Queen – i.e.: they are basically British but better looking and with better teeth.

Ok, so he is not blonde. But, really, who cares?

BONUS: they live in the Netherlands, which not only sounds magical, but looks magical too. As Joey from Friends once said, “the Netherlands is this make-believe place where Peter Pan and Tinkerbell come from.”

Tulips in the Netherlands.


Love Literally

In yesterday’s post, we showed some hate for the word “literally” (when used in the wrong context). Today we want to show that word some looove!

Even though it ranks as THE most annoying misused word, every time I say it I sound sorta British, and those people are fucking classy.

And here is a picture of Rygos, because (1) he is also classy as fuck and (2) why the hell not?

I wouldn’t mind if HE said literally in the wrong context. But he wouldn’t. He is too perfect.


Normally, we love to hate. But some things don’t get enough love. So potato. Because potatoes just don’t get enough love.


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