WTF having to pee and being thirsty

Sorry for the over share, but right now, I REALLY have to pee. And I am REALLY thirsty. And I can’t pee because I can’t stop going to class after class after class. And I can’t drink because I have to pee.


Love Literally

In yesterday’s post, we showed some hate for the word “literally” (when used in the wrong context). Today we want to show that word some looove!

Even though it ranks as THE most annoying misused word, every time I say it I sound sorta British, and those people are fucking classy.

And here is a picture of Rygos, because (1) he is also classy as fuck and (2) why the hell not?

I wouldn’t mind if HE said literally in the wrong context. But he wouldn’t. He is too perfect.

WTF Mosquitos in October

Can we just all agree that these little (unsexy) bloodsuckers are just a pain in the ass? Especially for people with allergies to insect stings like me. Plus, they are useless and wtf are they still doing, alive, in October?



Don’t you hate it when you are in class trying to not do work and the teacher keeps interrupting you?

WTF Rain

I hate it when it rains just a little. It’s enough for you to feel some raindrops, but not enough to warrant taking out your umbrella. Conversely, I hate when it feels like I’m under a fucking waterfall. There’s a perfect amount of rain, and it’s good for there to be rain sometimes. As someone called Kin Hubbard (hmm who the fuck is that? Apparently he – or she? – is dead) once said while he was high as shit: “Don’t knock the weather. If it didn’t change once in a while, nine out of ten people couldn’t start a conversation”.

Uhhh, I don’t get it. I always start conversations talking about myself.

What are YOUR signature conversation starters? 

WTF Can you have too much sex

I was browsing through a bookstore the other day and found this book:

<img src="pic.gif" alt="Can you have too much sex">

How is this a whole book? How many pages does it take to write “No”?


Normally, we love to hate. But some things don’t get enough love. So potato. Because potatoes just don’t get enough love.


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