Halloween Costume Ideas

Happy (late) Halloween! If you have parties to go to this weekend and don’t know what to wear, we’ve got some ideas for you!

1. Charlie Sheen

Yeah, he has been out of the radar for a while and this costume has been overdone in the past, but with the epic failure Two and a Half Men has been without him, it is a good time to remind people how good they used to have it. All you need to do is wear a bowling shirt and cargo pants, take a lot of drugs and yell at every one you see that you are “Hallowinning!”

2. Slutty food

Why be a conventional slutty nurse/cop/devil when you can be Slutty Corn?

OR, if you are feeling extra hot, be a little wild and go for Slutty Popcorn!

However, if you are trying to appeal to men, we all know how much they like sandwiches. That is why you should give Slutty Hamburger a try:

Ok, enough pictures of slutty food.

3. This Thing

Taken from It’s okay that you’re a Dumbass (on facebook)

We have no idea what this is. It is ugly, scary, disturbing and cannot be unseen. We apologize in advance.

What are YOU going (or went) as for Halloween this year? What are some of the weirdest costumes YOU’ve ever seen? Let us know in the comments!


WTF having to pee and being thirsty

Sorry for the over share, but right now, I REALLY have to pee. And I am REALLY thirsty. And I can’t pee because I can’t stop going to class after class after class. And I can’t drink because I have to pee.

Pet Peeves: Little Windshield Triangle

Outside, it looks like it is about to rain. And that means I will need to use the windshield wiper. And that means that the little triangle the windshield wipers can’t reach will become painfully visible. And that drives me crazy! If I was a car-parts-inventor-person, I would dedicate my career to more thorough windshield wiping.

Dear Windshield Wipers, Can’t touch this. Sincerely, That Little Triangle.

What are some of YOUR pet peeves?

Eye Exam Rant

I have taken my fair share of tests in my life, including, but not limited to:

1) Elementary school speed tests: a ridiculous test our math teacher made us take every Friday, the point of which was to solve random mathematical equations as fast as possible. I can’t remember finishing one of those

2) Back-to-back finals in University, meaning 6 hours of answering painfully vague questions and praying the professor agrees with something you said.

3) Personality quizzes which, I am convinced, tell you what kind of person you would like to be, more than what kind of person you are. Come on! Admit it! You always picked the answer you found was more sensible…

But none of those could compare, in degree of difficulty, to eye exams.

Eye Exam In English Please

It goes something like this:

– Is THIS better or THAT?

– Hmm I don’t know

– Come on now, let me show you again. 1 or 2?

At this point we are almost always forced to lie and pick one of the choices. I usually pick 2. I will never know for sure if the glasses I am prescribed are actually optimal for my condition.

Read the fourth line please, says the doctor. Damn it, I think to myself, Is that an O or a D? Maybe its a Q? And although I know it is ok to get the answer wrong, I have the urge to get it right. I KNOW HOW TO READ OK? I just don’t have bionic eyes.

Finally, there is the little green light you stare at, waiting for the moment the doctor will push the button that will cause wind to blow into your eyes and give you a small heart attack. This is supposed to determine your ocular pressure or something. I think it’s a device invented by optometrists to make their lives more fun at our expense.

How are YOUR experiences with eye doctors/exams?

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