Once upon a time, there were two girls who lived at peace with the world and thought puppies were cute. Then they got into University and started hating everything. They were no longer the sweet, innocent children they once were… and there was no going back. These are their stories.Β (The credit for the last sentence goes to Law and Order: SVU)

And now, for some stuff we love to love…

– Sean Kingston: although he lost a lot of weight recently…
– Canadian Ryans: RyGos, need we say more? And RyRey knows how to rock a fat suit.
Zooey Deschanel: ultimate girl crush.
– Barney Stinson: one word = AWESOME!
– Dorota from Gossip Girl: because every fab girl needs a sassy maid.
– Sheldon Cooper: we only aspire to be as witty as the One and Only Sheldor.
Queen Elizabeth II: because she seems to hate a lot of people too.

Betcheslovethis: favorite site ever.
– Good grammar and proper use of the English language: because it’s sexy.
– +50% sales: who can resist?
– Chocolate

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  1. You’ve just been nominated for the Liebster Award! http://5arabee6.com/2012/09/25/day-38-liebster-award/

    I read the comment above and it felt weird posting the exact same thing .. but I can’t change it now, can I? … Enjoy your 2 consecutive nominations! πŸ™‚

  2. Just chanced upon your blog and found it really funny. You should be writing more stuff!


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