WTF Smart Movies

There’s been some talk about this new movie Looper. We were on our weekly BFF meeting (in case you didn’t know, we’ve been BFFs longer than we’ve worn bras), watching a movie for intellectuals such as ourselves, called: For a Good Time Call.

We had to smuggle in some froyo, and at least one of us is blind in the dark, so we got there early and watched all the previews. One of them was for the movie Looper. One of us leaned over to the other and said “This movie looks smart. Let’s not watch it.”

As fab and smart as we are, we just don’t get all these super smart movies. Like Inception. Hmm WTF was going on? And Looper is one of those.

<img src="pic.gif" alt="Confused Leo Inception">

This is Leo in Inception. This is also the face we made while watching Inception.

I have to do and listen to smart stuff all day. When I watch a movie, I want to laugh or stare at hot guys or go “awww”. Looper seems like the kind of movie everyone is gonna pretend to like and say is really smart but, really, they won’t get it. Probably because the plot won’t make any sense. There will be twists and turns and obscure moments and just enough information will be given out for you to think: “Shit, I don’t get this movie. But maybe I should have. It’s probably REALLY good”.

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  1. I totally get what you mean. After watching Looper this week I had to IMDB the f’ck out of it, cause a confusing ending. It is an awesome film though. I wanna watch it again!


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