WTF Fashion Confused People

Some people have no fashion sense whatsoever and wear the ugliest clothes. Like wearing sporty stuff when not going to the gym. Or crocs to, like, anywhere.

But some people are what we like to call Fashion Confused. These fall into 3 main categories: Weather Confused, Age Confused and Size Confused.

1. Weather Confused:

These are people who can’t figure out if it’s hot or cold outside, or whose upper body and lower body are having a fight about the weather, so they wear stuff like miniskirts with Uggs, or coats with flip flops.

<img src="pic.gif" alt="Miniskirt and Uggs">

2. Age Confused:

People who are Age Confused fall into two subcategories:

2.2. Old teenagers:

Aging is beautiful. Ok, not really. You get, like, wrinkly and saggy and your hair turns white (SO not a flattering colour). But you WILL get old. Even if you hit the jackpot and look like Demi Moore are Madonna, people will know you are old. So suck it up and donate teenage clothes to your grandkids.

<img src="pic.gif" alt="Nancy Jones">

Adult children:

We are not talking about kids who dress like whores. We are talking about kids who are already wearing makeup, and heels. Although everyone knows those are mandatory for looking good, kids have better things to worry about, like how many calories there are per spoonful of glue. <img src="pic.gif" alt="girl applying makeup">

Size Confused:

Those are people who don’t own a mirror are in denial, so they can’t figure out what size they are. And that’s super unfortunate for the rest of us, who need to look at stuff like this:

<img src="pic.gif" alt="Clothes are too small">

Some people wear clothing a few sizes too big. But if you look like this, you are forgiven:<img src="boy.gif" alt="Cute boy in oversized clothes">

What are some fashion trends YOU don’t get?

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  1. I’m extremely confused about the whole UGG boots thing as well. Glad I’m not the only one. I just don’t get it. Maybe it’s because they’re fluffy and people likes fluffy things. Like cats.


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