Public Washroom Rant: Sink Edition

As I have done countless times before, I leaned over the sink in a public washroom to apply makeup. And, as it has happened countless times before, my shirt became soaked.

Now, everyone has something bad to say about public washrooms, whether it is the toilet paper scattered around everywhere, the disgusting smell (because some people live by the rule “Don’t flush – it ain’t your bathroom, it ain’t your problem”), the lack of hygiene or the door locks that don’t work. But there is one thing I really hate: the sinks. And not because some sinks assume you only want to wash your hand for 5 seconds, or because some require you to press a button the whole fucking time you are washing your hands, but because the counters are always flooded.

What happens to people when they use public washrooms? How is washing your hands in a public washroom different from washing them at home? Surely, in your OWN bathroom in your OWN house, you don’t splash water all over the sink as if you were a blind fucking elephant bathing on a hot summer day and then just leave it there.

What are your public washroom complaints?

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